I work a lot with financial advisors who have had some success but struggle to crack the ceiling of a certain earnings level.

Too often, they buy into the myth that if they just spend more money on advertising and marketing, then the business (and profit) will come.  More direct mail, more radio, more free dinners.

Of course, each of these efforts has its own trappings. The biggest being cost. You end up digging an even deeper hole out of which to climb.

If an advisor already has a stream of recurring revenue, I challenge them to first learn to get by with that level of income.  By cutting waste, they increase profit immediately before turning to growth.

The next step then is to attack the lowest hanging pieces of fruit: existing clients.

Few advisors offer comprehensive services to all of their clients. As a result, they don’t manage all of the client’s assets or meet all of their insurance needs.

That all changes when they implement the Wealth Coaching Program. The WCP is a holistic and unbiased program designed to address all of the client’s needs. The system uncovers flaws in their current strategy while providing the advisor with additional revenue streams.

Typically, advisors will offer the system to existing clients by first sending a letter of introduction:

Dear Joe & Mary:

The number one concern of my clients when planning for retirement is the possibility of running out of money in their lifetime. It’s a valid reason to worry. Gone for most is the pension plan that pays you every month for the rest of your life. It’s been replaced by a 401k that puts all the burden on you. Even worse, the 401k and IRA are taxed when you make withdrawals. In reality, you have less money than you think you have.

While the current administration is supporting a reduction in income taxes, the aging of our population suggests that large tax increases will be needed eventually to address the demands of entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. If tax rates rise, your after tax net worth will go down.

To help alleviate this concern, I am enhancing the level of service we offer to all of our clients to included advice and direction in the areas of retirement income planning, tax planning, risk management, and estate planning. These additional services are available to you at no additional cost, but they are essential (that’s my way of saying nicely that they are mandatory).

Here’s how it works:  I’ve enclosed a detailed fact finder that I would like for you to complete as fully as possible. My office will call you in two weeks to confirm you’ve received the packet as well as arrange for a time to review it. After that, we’ll arrange a second meeting where I’ll take you through the findings and offer recommendations for improvement.  In the end, you’ll receive a comprehensive financial analysis that we will update each and every year.

I’m confident you will find this new service, which I call The Wealth Coaching Program, to be extremely beneficial.

Should you have any questions, please give me a call. Otherwise, I look forward to talking to you soon to arrange your meeting.

Best Regards,

Your Advisor


Before implementing such a program, advisors must able to meet the commitments it makes.  Comprehensive, holistic planning requires expertise.

Too often the greatest source of profit exists within our own client base.  Before spending your profits to get new clients, be sure you’ve exhausted all opportunities created from prior marketing efforts.

If you’d like to know more about how you can offer the Wealth Coaching Program to your own clients, visit AdvisorArchitect.com.