1. The primary purpose of her business is to achieve a profit. Everything else is secondary.
  2. He spends 10% of revenue on marketing. No more, no less.
  3. Her marketing is financed by current revenue, not past profits or debt.
  4. He offers his services only to IDEAL PROSPECTS.
  5. Her marketing always makes an offer or offers.
  6. His marketing message always includes a reason to respond immediately.
  7. She gives clear instructions.
  8. He employs tracking, measurement, and accountability.
  9. She doesn’t spend money on branding.
  10. He follows up continuously.
  11. She uses strong copy. If she can’t write it, she hires someone who can.
  12. All his marketing looks like mail-order advertising.
  13. Results rule. Period.
  14. He looks for ways to automate everything.
  15. She will have a plan in place for your practice to live beyond her.
  16. Given the choice, he takes recurring revenue over single payments.
  17. She follows a detailed revenue, expense, and profit plan.
  18. He spends more resources on existing clients than attracting new ones.
  19. She actively seeks to make clients of the children of her clients.