After meeting with a client and finding out that they are a good prospect, it’s time for a second meeting and a strategy planning session. On today’s episode Dan Cuprill explains in detail how to put together a solid strategy in a way that the client can truly understand. He lays out how the meeting should go in a step-by-step manner that will show you exactly how to gain clients that will trust you with all of their assets.

Dan once again compares how doctors work with their patients and how advisors should work similarly with their clients. He emphasizes the importance of clarity and being straight forward when constructing a plan with your client.  Listen in to use Dan’s methods to make sure the client is fully educated on and aware of their pain-points, and that they’re in agreement that change must happen.  With this simple shift you will be setting yourself up with the perfect, productive client relationship.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The importance of a co-designed plan that includes your client as much as possible in its construction.
  • Why presenting the risks, dangers and down-sides to the plan up front will benefit you and your client in the future.
  • Why you should start with the possibility that they already have a plan that may work.
  • How to use art, diagrams or other tools to help explain things in a simple and clear way.
  • Learn the step-by-step plan for how to conduct your second meeting with a client.
  • Why addressing details like estate planning can really put you in a good place as a trusted advisor.
  • Why you should focus on concept and leave the details out of the second meeting.

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I’m always emphasizing that negative point, which is completely contrary to what the sales person would do. It’s completely contrary to what they often expect me to do, but it’s exactly what you would expect a trusted advisor to do. -… Click To Tweet We co-designed, they take ownership, it’s truly now their plan.- @DanCuprill Click To Tweet You’re going to get the clients you really want, which is the client who gives you all their assets. - @DanCuprill Click To Tweet

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