Much time is wasted when the wrong clients walk through your door. Dan Cuprill talks about the problems that are incurred and time that is wasted when advisors accept the wrong clients. He emphasizes the importance of only working with clients who actually need you and lays out many ways that you can ensure it’s the right fit for you and your client.

Dan compares financial advising to medical practice and makes it clear that you don’t want to treat a client who isn’t “sick” or who doesn’t actually want to fix the problem. He calls out advisors for trying to work with clients for the wrong reasons and explains how they end up getting burned in the long run. In this episode you will find some great tips on how to find out the pain points for your client that you can help them with and how to avoid non-committal and distrusting clients.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The benefits of a fee based practice.
  • Why it’s important to only work with people who have a level of emotional pain with their situation.
  • What mindset to have when looking to adopt prospective clients.
  • Why some clients are not ideal for you and how to figure this out to save yourself time.
  • The difference between finding the pain points and creating an actual problem.
  • The red flags that alert you to a potentially problematic client.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Advisors should only work with people who have some level of emotional pain about their finances. - @DanCuprill Click To Tweet You must understand that just because they call you, it does not mean they are ideal clients.- @DanCuprill Click To Tweet You should just be asking questions to determine if they are indeed sick. - @DanCuprill Click To Tweet

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