Many advisors tend to fall into the trap of only focusing on marketing and selling. Stop running your business like a sales office and start running it like a CEO would run their business. On this episode, Dan Cuprill introduces the 2018 Renegade Advisor Conference and explains why it is so different from the conferences he has been so critical of in the past.

Dan shares some of the important topics the conference will be highlighting, such as the importance of automation and game-changing shifts going on within the industry. He emphasizes that the conference is centered around providing actionable concepts and ideas that can be implemented on your own and that it’s a no-fluff and non-salesy conference that will give you the business building strategies that have worked (and are still working) for Dan and his team.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What sets the Renegade Advisor Conference apart from other conferences.
  • Why has Dan been critical of other conferences in the past.
  • How the advisor industry is changing and developing.
  • Why the traditional system of doing things is flawed.
  • Learn the 9 areas where a prosperous practice must be systematized.
  • The importance of automation and good systems within your practice and how to build them yourself.
  • Learn about the power of podcasting and digital marketing.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

We’re going to show you how to run your business like a CEO runs his business. - @DanCuprill Click To Tweet How do you step away from the business that every day it grows and you continue to make money so that you can get the freedom that you always wanted? - @DanCuprill Click To Tweet Too many advisors are not running their business like a business, they’re running it like a sales office. - @DanCuprill Click To Tweet

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