A student of Dan Kennedy, I’m a strong believer that for financial advisors a direct marketing strategy is the most cost efficient way to attract new clients

So often, advisors are content with spending $7,000 to drop 10,000 direct mail pieces to a bunch of strangers with the hope of getting 25 to come to one of their workshops.  That’s a cost of $280 per lead!   Some advisors even thrown in dinner.   Worse of all, most attendees won’t become clients.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew in advance who these 25 people were, thus saving you all that wasted mail and food?

You can, if you adopt an information marketing strategy.  Advisor Architect members utilize a “Shock & Awe” kit as a way to find the prospects most likely to respond to a seminar invitation.  Personally, I’m averaging a 20% response rate to my seminars from those who ordered my kit.

The Shock & Awe kit contains materials focused on a message specific to our target market.  The right message will always draw a strong response.

Then, using Facebook Ads, we promote the kit at a cost of under $30 per request.  As a result, I can attract 25 units to my workshop for less than $3,500.  Plus, unlike direct mail, I can continue to re-target those who ordered the kit.  And no, I never feed attendees.  If it takes food to make them come, I don’t want them.

In our kits, we include a co-authored book, an Audio CD, a DVD, a 3 part online course, a report, a stress ball, and a letter than makes an irresistible offer.



If you’ve never used a Shock and Awe kit before, I recommend you check out the Ultimate Marketing Machine offered by GKIC.    Or shoot me an email and I’ll show you how our members do it.  dan@advisorarchitect.com