As marketers, we struggle between our need and desire to get new clients immediately and the realism that most people we meet are not ready to commit, or may never commit.

You’ve read the studies. Most people require 8 contacts before making a buying decision. And yet, we ignore this simple fact when don’t get immediate results.

Good marketing strategy utilizes multiple channels for client attraction, each with its own message, target market, media, and time frame.

To complement our retirement planning seminars, I begin a new campaign that in many ways operates in a manner that is completely opposite of what we have historically done.  Rather than send directly mail piecse to 10,000 people, I mail only to 100.

Instead of a .2% response rate, I get 20%. Instead of promoting a seminar immediately, I wait three months after my first contact with them before I even promote an event.

These workshops are successful because they deliver this very effective MESSAGE.

Your 401k/IRA is a Ticking Tax Time Bomb.

Almost everyone responds to taxes. We all hate them. We all feel that we pay more than we should, and we know a good deal of it is wasted.

If you think it’s bad now, just wait. It’s going to get worse. Our government owes $20 trillion. Every day 10,000 people turn age 65.

More and more people are leaving the workforce, which means they will pay less in taxes.  This has politicians worried.

But there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  A pot so big it can solve every bureaucrat’s problems.  It’s called the qualified plan.

Your clients probably have at least 80% of their money in 401ks/IRAs/403bs.  They believed, perhaps naively, that they could contribute money during their working years, take a big tax deduction, and later in life withdraw it at a lower rate.  In the meantime, they’d have the power of compounding interest working for them.

Chances are they failed to factor in two realities.  First, money withdrawn from qualified plans is not only taxed, it influences the taxation of one’s social security benefits.

Second, tax rates could rise in the future.  Then what?   In the 1940’s, the top tax rate was 94%.  In the 70’s, it was 70%.

The IRS has a tax lien on Qualified Plans and it will only get worse.

The message to the pre-retiree is simple:  You better give some serious thought to moving your  some of your money from tax deferred to tax free accounts.  If you don’t, your future will likely be at the mercy of Congress.

Unlike the guys pushing gold, predicting that tax rates will rise is not only prudent, it’s almost a mathematical certainty when you factor the change in our nations’ demographics.

Over 100 families registered to one of my recent workshops that delivered this message.  I called it Defusing the Ticking Tax time Bomb.  I serve no food, only bottled water.  I conduct the workshop at a local university.  And the response has been incredible.

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