There’s nothing quite like hosting a financial seminar.

Take a bland, never the right temperature, expensive seminar room.

Add thousands of dollars spent to get butts in seats.

Combined with the pulse-pounding anxiety on stage as you wait to see if anyone shows up…

Yep, there’s nothing quite like hosting a financial seminar.

Nevertheless, there’s also nothing that produces high quality leads at the same capacity as a great seminar.

Until now.

If you’ve ever been that advisor standing at the front of the room, or watched those who do with a strange sense of envy, chances are you’ve considered the possibility of using webinars to your marketing strategy by now.

And perhaps they’ve been top of mind for a while…lumped in with the millions of other things taunting you on your “someday-to-do” list.

Perhaps you’ve even identified the murky cocktail of complications that could arise from attempting to implement a webinar strategy:

• Not wanting to waste time or money on a complex set-up
• Worrying that it’s all but guaranteed to be a glitch disaster
• Being sucked into the vortex of building a fancy funnel
• Setting up an incredible experience only for nobody to show up

Yet, despite all this, the thought of doing webinars has clung to the back of your brain.


You know that pulling off an effective webinar strategy is the KEY to scaling and automating your business while creating more profits and more freedom.

The beauty of freedom is that freedom is anywhere you want to be – including the beach (umbrella drinks optional!)

In short, webinars are a game changer:

You’ll no longer have the stress or expense of putting on live events – which should be enough of a reason for any perceptive advisor to jump on the webinar bandwagon. The very nature of webinars means that you’ll be able to speak to multiple target groups of clients at the same time – retirees, parents, business owners – hosting multiple webinars takes less time, less effort and less investment than a single live seminar.

You’ll be attracting a flood of carefully selected, ideal clients!

But the real power comes from the ability to record your BEST presentations and place them into automated, evergreen systems that act like a top-performing, 24/7 salesman for your business. Combined with strategic offline and online ads, you’ll be able to reach your ideal clients where they are – a marketing superpower in its own right.

True maximization of your time and resources.

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