Yes, we all love referrals.  And yes, most of us are pretty lousy at asking for them.  When we do get them at our request, often they are just names.  The fact someone knows my client isn’t all that meaningful.  But by establishing a contact, they may need us at some point in the future.

So rather than fighting with myself, I decided to turn it over to my computer and Infusionsoft.

The system is called Robo-Referrals.

Every three months, clients receive from my office something of value.  It could be a video, an article, even an E-Book.  It has to be something that my clients find to be of interest.

Studies show a client is most likely to refer you during the first two years of your relationship.  So, we developed 8 different value items to deliver every quarter to new clients.

Each item is delivered in a via email with a landing page.  The client enters the contact data of his friend whom they the system takes it from there.

I now have the name of someone one to whom I can invite to future workshops and send other items of value.  It cost me nothing, and it has dramatically increased our prospect list.

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