Facebook has been at it again…

You may have seen the news that Mark Zuckerberg announced massive changes to the Facebook algorithm to promote more content from friends and family and less business content – including ads.

The reason?

People, particularly their new core audience of those 45 years and older, have been becoming more and more frustrated with their news feed being flooded with engagement-bait – those inspirational quotes, “tag someone who likes dogs” or “click like!”  posts.

The marketing advice for the past few years has been to make consistent use of these types of posts in order to make Facebook think your content is more engaging than it really is, so that more of your content will be pushed to the newsfeed.

Those days have come to a screeching halt.

In fact, even using canned content, including pre-scheduled content pushed by third party services is now more likely to result in your business page being penalized by Facebook.

Here’s What You Need to STOP Doing:

-posting inspirational quotes

– using content mills or pre-generated, third-party content

– linking to every article you can find

– expecting more than 3% of the people who like your page to actually see your posts

It’s not all doom and gloom. While Facebook is rarely transparent with their plans, they have provided Columbo-like clues to what kind of content they want to see being used.

Here’s What You Need to Start Doing:

– asking thoughtful, meaningful questions about your audience and their lives

– sharing breaking news, relevant to your audience and asking thought-provoking questions to generate discussion

– create a Facebook group and provide content that becomes the foundation for a community

– get on video and start regular Facebook live broadcasts

– provide easily consumable content to drive people away from Facebook and on to your email marketing list

2018 is going to be a big year for advisors who utilize Facebook in a smart and strategic manner. There is still time to start using Facebook for your business – but do yourself a favor, and make sure you’re following a solid plan before you ever hit the post button.