Author: Heather Stevens

Facebook Changes You Need to Know About

Facebook has been at it again… You may have seen the news that Mark Zuckerberg announced massive changes to the Facebook algorithm to promote more content from friends and family and less business content – including ads. The reason? People, particularly their new core audience of those 45 years and older, have been becoming more and more frustrated with their news feed being flooded with engagement-bait – those inspirational quotes, “tag someone who likes dogs” or “click like!”  posts. The marketing advice for the past few years has been to make consistent use of these types of posts in...

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Why Webinars Are Your Key to Swapping Seminar Rooms for a Sandy Beach (umbrella drink optional!)

There’s nothing quite like hosting a financial seminar. Take a bland, never the right temperature, expensive seminar room. Add thousands of dollars spent to get butts in seats. Combined with the pulse-pounding anxiety on stage as you wait to see if anyone shows up… Yep, there’s nothing quite like hosting a financial seminar. Nevertheless, there’s also nothing that produces high quality leads at the same capacity as a great seminar. Until now. If you’ve ever been that advisor standing at the front of the room, or watched those who do with a strange sense of envy, chances are you’ve...

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