I’m Dan Cuprill, or if you prefer, “DC.”
I created this blog specifically for other financial advisors and planners who would like to transition their practice from a sales office to a profit center.

A Little Background First

Having grown up mostly on Long Island, I graduated from the University of Iowa and later earned an MBA at Northwestern. I started my practice in 1996. Got my CFP in 1997. Today I live in Cincinnati, OH with my wife Beth.

My fee based practice is called Matson & Cuprill.

I’ve built the practice by doing a variety of seminars, hosting a radio show, writing a book, and even purchasing another practice.

Largely due to my utilization of systems, I’m able to serve over 200 clients in 20 states with just one support person, an associate advisor, and myself.

Recently, I packaged those systems to create a new business called Advisor Architect. If you want to learn more about Advisor Architect, click the button below:

The Visitors

The stimulus for starting this blog came from series of visits to my office by other financial advisors. Honored that they wanted to learn more about what I do, I decided to spend time packaging each of the ten systems I use every day in my practice.

Much of the articles you’ll read in this blog center around how the use of systems can give you a highly profitable business and the freedom that goes along with it.

In the meantime, let’s get social. You can find me on social media by clicking on the links below:

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